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About a fifth of HNWI’s wealth in Asia Pacific is in real estate, and there has been growing interest in growing wealth through real estate. We see demand for independent and unbiased guidance on absolute returns on real estate for the client, which is complementary to the client’s portfolio and goals.

IPA does not merely seek to close a deal. Whilst private banks are able to advise on the vanilla investment products such as equities, FX, hedge funds and the like, they are not so familiar with real estate. That is where IPA steps in.

IPA is backed by a strong team with unique expertise and experience in the real estate sector. Whereas traditionally clients have not been able to rely on the same scope and breadth of analysis provided in the usual financial investments as for real estate investments as there is a lack of such services in the market. IPA has the capability to provide valuable inputs in analysing the market, and more importantly the specific target property acquisition and assess its potential gains.

Real estate is also unique from other passive asset classes in that value can be unlocked with active management such as improvements/enhancements to the property, and IPA has the ability to recognise where that value may come from and connect with the appropriate network in order to effect that value enhancement.

All in all, we believe IPA can provide a far superior product in real estate investment advice and active management, than what is presently available in the market, and there is latent demand for this from HNWIs.

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